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Apple Watch Series 7 Fast Preview

我的Apple Watch Series 7 等了半个月终于到货了,这回买了个蓝色铝金属,配上深绿色的衣服感官还不错。买的是45mm的尺寸,戴在腕上刚刚好。因为它能显示更多内容了,于是整个UI体验也是更舒服,更像个“显示”器。 我之前用的是 Series 5,比较下来,除了显示更大更亮外,线性马达,扬声器都有显著的提高。 系统体验上,可以自动检测是否骑车了,以前只能检测是否户外走路。 暂时就是这样 TBC.
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How to play Age of Empire 2 multiplayer mode in macOS M1

Introduction After the test in practical, I found that there is a way to play AOE2(Age of Empire 2) in my macOS(currently is 11.6 Big Sur). Also, it's running perfectly with high frames using the highest quality. Pre-requirements M1 macOS (which is ARM64 architecture) CrossOver  (which allow you to run Windows x86 software on M1 macOS, Parallels Desktop is another friendly simulator, but not good with AOE2) ucrtbase.dll (replace the original .dll file in CrossOver, overwise you cannot play the multiplayer mode) Solution Firstly you need to install Steam on CrossOver. Just click "Install a Windows Application" and type "Steam" on the popup. Don't install Steam manually. Which simply download the app from the website. Otherwise, there will have an issue with the font display, and you won't see anything when you open Steam. After download, you will see this like this. Then download the game. After that, click the "Wine Configuration," select &quo